Rachel Davis

Committed to health and fitness. Professionally, my athletic lifestyle has translated into a niche within the luxury real estate market assisting professional athletes to purchase or sell a home in the Miami area. It also means that you can frequently find me in a Miami yoga studio, as a participant or an instructor.

Luxury Real Estate in the Greater Miami Marketplace

Midtown Miami, Downtown, South Beach, North Miami, Southwest Ranches, and Doral

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Beyond Real Estate

Mental | Physical | Financial

What sets Ms. Davis apart from others in the real estate industry is she is focused on building relationships with people and offering a broad range of services encompassed in mental, physical, and financial wellness.

Her athletic lifestyle not only guides her niche in assisting professional athletes in the Miami real estate market but also finds expression in her regular presence in Miami’s yoga studios as both a participant and instructor, embodying a holistic approach to life that consistently surpasses her clients’ expectations.